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The Unpredictable Nature of Creativity

I created this drawing on canvas a month or so ago and was a bit surprised by it because it seemed so unlike anything I had done before. I kept it not because I was necessarily impressed but because I loved to see something so different emerging.

The other day I thought I might add it to my art gifting project which has been on hold since the snow and cold weather has moved in. Then I decided it was lacking something and wasn't "good enough" to be part of my community gifting project! I was out of gesso so I took some acrylic ink and splashed it on the canvas thinking it might cover the image and I would start again. At first I was unhappy with the results and decided that I had wrecked the piece and should have just left it alone. Tonight I decided to add in a bit of collage detail and now I'm happy with it again-I'm actually very happy with it!! Strangely, when I see the pic of the original image I am happy with it too and I really can't say which one I like better. It makes me wonder if other artists find their creative process so unpredictable. I never seem to know what I'm going to get, if I'm going to like it and if I do like it how long my positive feelings will last. Each time I look at a painting I experience it so differently. This afternoon I hung it on a fence post and hope whoever takes it home consistently enjoys it.


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