Art Give-Away

After a long break from painting I have returned to my brushes and I am back at it! I decided to start a community art give-away and have taken to hauling my paintings outside to the street when they are done. I have designated myself a post to hang them on and have given away 10 large paintings so far. I am learning a lot about the way I give and about my attachments. Though I have never thought of giving as a learned skill I would definitely say that I am learning to give more freely and that I'm becoming better at it. This is one of the most liberating projects I've done in a long time!

One thing I like about my free art post this the immediate movement of the work. I don't even wait for the pieces to dry but instead tack on a little note that says "careful still wet". I am surprised at how fast they disappear. I usually add my website address to the back and have received several messages of thank-you which have been fun to get. A few weeks ago I was in a holding pattern because I wasn't feeling keen about the cost of supplies. A couple days later I got a message from someone who had picked up one of the pieces. They thanked me for the "beautiful art" I distributed in the neighbourhood and sent me some money! It was perfect timing and just enough to keep me motivated and buy some more canvasses. Here are a few pics of some of the pieces I've left. Wherever they are I hope they are enjoyed!

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