My first impulse to paint was prompted by the desire to fill a gap in my external environment. It emerged as a response to empty space and limitation. I had just moved into a large home with bare walls and could not afford “real” art so I bought a canvas and created my own. 

The energy of emptiness, spaciousness and limitation that inspired my first painting continues to guide my inner creative process. I paint intuitively. When I approach an empty canvas I recognize it as a mirror for my own lack of knowing what will materialize. Color and size are the only predetermined variables and each completed work emerges as a surprise. My lack of control limits my ability to feel like the sole creator of my paintings and it reduces my sense of ownership in my work. At the same time it opens me to an experience of wonder and an understanding that through creativity I am engaging something larger than myself. I feel my paintings are a window into parts of me that live beyond my conscious awareness, and when I look at my work it feels both familiar and unknown.

For me, the creative process is physical. Every application of paint to the canvas flows as a bodily response to the application that came before. It is led by a felt sensation that holds a quality of wildness and freedom. From this freedom there follows a visual editing process that is both precise and limiting. Based on how I work I see my canvas as holding only one part of the life of my paintings. Another part extends beyond the canvas into the space that includes my eyes and arms and the felt sensation of my body. 

I use acrylic paint and rarely use a brush to apply color. I prefer a knife, edging tool or an object from my kitchen. Some of my pieces include collage and spray paint. Unless otherwise stated all of the work on this site is acrylic on canvas or mixed media on canvas.