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Shonna Wells Artist and Furniture Re-designer


I love to create. Whether its a painting, a piece of furniture, a poem, a lampshade, or a children’s story, the act of working to birth something new sustains and nurtures me. It reminds me of who I am and provides me with a source of connection. 


I create meticulously and with a critical eye that both serves and haunts me. I have been known to get out of bed at night to fix a painting or add a detail to a lounge.  When I find a completed project pleasing it is usually because I have invested a tremendous amount of time and care.


I value material objects that carry soul and believe these things are created by people who strive to express some valuable part of themselves through their work. My hope is that my pieces carry my appreciation for beauty,  my faith in transformation, and  an inner elegance that touches all those  who come in contact with my work.

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