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Each Fluevog is a beautiful piece of art

Fluevog Montreal

After years of lusting after these amazing shoes I finally bought myself a pair! It was a milestone marking an empowering moment and transforming a bit of my personal history.

I first fell in love with these beautiful handcrafted shoes in Sept of 2010 after visiting the Montreal location. I found a pair of $700 boots and I remember them clearly. They were a high lace-up boot with rivets and they were a beautiful shade of green. It was my birthday and I was with my fiance. Our relationship was falling apart but he reached in his pocket and handed me a wad of cash. I remember feeling torn by the weight of realizing I now had to shoulder my own financial responsibilities and the desire to own those boots. I took the money from his hand, tucked it in my purse, and used it to pay off some debt. Underneath that push-pull there was a desire to buy my own boots, with my own cash. I wanted to be independent rather than a needy partner.

It's not just the fact that I have fabulous boots that feels good it's the fact that I bought them...

and the fact that I plan to add a few more pairs to my closet!

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