Jordan Peterson- Art as a window to the Transcendent

I am not familiar with all of Jordan Peterson's work so I can't say that I embrace his entire worldview. What I can say, is that I've watched several hours of his interviews and lectures and he seems like one of the sanest and most thoughtful public voices I've heard in years. His lecture about the importance of art, artists and role of beauty is not only passionate it is the most well articulated arguments in support of the arts that I have ever heard (but then again...I haven't heard many!). In this video he talks about art as a window to the transcendent and the important role that artists play in creating economic and cultural value:

Peterson is a strong advocate for the right of free speech who has been criticized for his refusal to adopt gender neutral language. He talks here about why he is opposed to language laws and government legislation regulating speech. In many ways I think his views seem to fall outside the polarized political territory of right and left. I think he provides a bridge- not between opposing sides- but one that could start on either side and act as a pathway to new ground. Maybe that new ground is just a place where deep and intelligent thought is replaced by reactionary impulses. To me he seems like a sane role model - and I'm not sure if what he believes is nearly as important as how he believes it.

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