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The Process

Each chair I work on is meticulously chosen and lovely refurbished. I spend hours hunting through secondhand stores and online furniture postings to find pieces with potential. When I find a piece I love I haul it home and strip it down. I am always  careful to preserve as much of the original foam and webbing as  possible. My goal is to bring my vision alive while respecting the environment and keeping waste to a minimum.

Once the staples and old material have been removed (a tedious process!) I select the fabric, trim, corresponding paint and other art mediums that I’ll use for re-upholstering. For this collection I created different coloured hand painted mosaic patterned fabrics. I used the fabrics to re-upholster sections of each lounge.  

The hand painted fabric is a heavy canvas treated with gesso, white paint and a fabric medium. I painted the canvas with three or four inch squares and then carefully applied one inch squares created with marbled momi paper to the top of them. Each square needs to be cut by hand because the paper is too much like fabric to be cut mechanically. For this collection I cut out, applied and sealed approximately 8000 squares!


I  finished each piece in this collection with my signature corset and created a series of corresponding 12"x12" collaged acrylic and paper paintings for each colour grouping.

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