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The Death Box- Crafting To Die For

I recently decided to prepare for my death. It's the only thing I'm certain will happen in my future so I started looking into the cost of cremation and urns. For somewhere between $300- $600 I could purchase a very basic cremation box. It occurred to me that I could create something far more beautiful and less expensive. Furthermore, if I had the box now I could use it to store any documents related to my inevitable departure. I called a local funeral home, asked for the required dimensions, and came up with this spectacular death box! I made it by covering a gift box with scrap upholstery fabric and left over trim. The inside is decorated with lace taken from one of my favourite sweaters ( that unfortunately had a hole in it). I'm very pleased- and I didn't spend a dime because all the materials were already in my closet. I did, however, spend a tremendous amount of time as it is meticulously crafted. I figure when my ashes are laid in here it will be the only time I'm "inside the box" so it better at least be a well-fashion one.


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