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When my son was small I would tell him bedtime stories. Not stories from books but spontaneous stories that I made up "on the fly".  I never knew how they would end even as I was telling them so whatever happened was always a surprise to us both. Without any forethought these stories morphed into a two year series  with the same characters who became good friends and went on adventures together.  On very rare occasion when the day had pressed in with a challenge or life was asking that a lesson be learned I would consciously weave a subtle pointer into the story that might support him in some way.  But teaching lessons  was not the goal - the goal was to impart and preserve a sense of innocence and reflect some of life's beauty before he fell off to sleep. Of course these adventures were brimming with life lessons- ones that naturally arose because the characters in them were so full of life. My son is now 32 and he remembers those bedtime stories  and I sometimes wonder if they were not my best act of parenting. For me telling stories was, and still is,  a way to love. 

The Adventures of Scruff and Molly were inspired by my earlier story telling years. While the characters have changed the spirit of adventure lives on in their daily excursions and energetic encounters with neighbourhood friends. All the stories have been crafted in verse with some pretty good word weaving (if I do say so myself!). My hope is that parents will also find the adventures engaging so they listen along with their kids and the tradition of oral story telling continues to be a shared experience.

You can listen to the first two stories for free here and purchase the others through Kobo (via the link below). The stories are also available through numerous other audiobook platforms. 


Listen to the Entire 1st and 2nd Audiobook for Free Here!

Listen to Excerpts from Audiobook 3-8 Here:

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