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The Art of Burning Man

What I liked about this tribute to the art of Burning Man was the way it captures what can happen when the creative impulse is given space to exist without having to serve a financial purpose. It seems that when art is no longer viewed as a commodity it is more likely to become a gateway into community. I think this is because when we no longer create for money we are more inclined to create for someone other than ourselves.

The art of Burning Man is imbued with the spirit of invitation. The interactive nature of the large scale installations call out for continuous engagement which means they are never really "done". This is because they are not made to be packaged and sold but rather to facilitate an on-going experience that can be embodied, felt, re-visited and shared. They are co-created works built as gifts to the community and they give insight into how creativity and connection can flourish without the constraints of economic pressure.

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