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Belonging Where You Don't Fit

This is an awesome interview with fashion photographer Bill Cunningham who died recently at age 87. I was pulled right in and ended up watching the full hour and a half (there's a long intro that I recommend skipping). His commitment to his art, to his personal freedom, and to a value system that fell outside the norms of the world he worked in are quite fascinating. I was intrigued by the paradox of his life. He wore the same thing every day and duct-taped his jacket together yet he found his niche in the world of fashion. He had no interest in celebrities though his life was full of them and he seemed to have little money despite the success of his career. It seems to me he was an outsider who so obviously belonged where he didn't seem to fit. The video really made me wonder about the notion of belonging and the role our passion has in paving a way into our sense of place.

Well worth the watch!

** the pics above are taken from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. It was his favourite spot- which I can totally understand.**

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